The Game Facilitators
The facilitators are key elements in both the Social Seducement project and our game.
The facilitator is the person who interacts with the group of players in order to make their work easier.  His or her role deals with leadership, the ability of bringing people together for planning, making decisions, collaborating, solving problems, collaborating in synergy.
Social Seducement facilitators may come from various organisations and diverse backgrounds.  Staff from VET organisations, NGOs, active citizenship associations, social cooperatives, but also passionate RPG and bloggers, social media and network professionals may have the background to facilitate the game.

The Facilitator network

MIssion, Objectives and values

The Facilitator Network, set up as part of this project, has an important role for the scale up and sustainability of the game. 

Full membership of the network is currently open to:
  • trained SocialPlaNet facilitators;
  • those training (e.g. via shadowing or on-the-job learning) to become SocialPlaNet facilitators;
  • employees of the organisations forming the Social Seducement consortium and the organisations themselves;
  • organisations using the SocialPlaNet online role play game.

The core objectives of the network are:
  • To promote the benefits and use of the SocialPlaNet online role play game to player, public sector, education and training and other audiences;
  • To offer a support network to those facilitating SocialPlaNet games through mutual learning, sharing of resources and good practices;
  • To Act as an arbiter in case of player complaints against a facilitator;
  • To develop and maintain collaborative relationships with the Social Seducement consortium partners;  
  • To support the creation and development of (collective) social entrepreneurship in a European context.
  • To implement and spread the social entrepreneurship culture among among people facing disadvantages who want to contribute to the sustainable and inclusive development of our societies.
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