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Guide for developing the social seducement game and its environment

Report on the targets' needs analysis

July 2015

September 2015​​

The guidelines present factors that can:

  • influence how pedagogically effective and usable a game-based learning application might be;

  • support active learning and keep players immersed;

  • provide safe and playful environments in which failure is an accepted part of the game dynamic;

  • provide a safe place for players to have fun, relax and learn
See here a link to a short survey we have compiled to analyse practices in the field of 'Serious Games.'
This report presents an analysis of the training needs of unemployed adults who either want to set up or are in the process of setting up their own collaborative social enterprise. 

It offers the ‘situational’ context and background for the game, providing both the rationale for supporting social entrepreneurship and insight to support of key components of the game. It addresses three broad themes (‘reports’):
existing EU practices regarding access to (self) entrepreneurship options for disadvantaged people, the results of the consortium field-work – survey and focus groups on training needs of people with disadvantages in setting up social economy enterprises, the collection and organisation in portfolios of the required competences for the game facilitators and for the game players.

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Download report

Guide on the Social Seducement online role play model

Online Social Seducement Role Play Game

Spring 2016

Coming soon!

This guide is curently in produciton and will present the Social Seducement RPG training & learning method. It will include: (a) a set of learning goals connected to different disciplines; (b) a set of possible activities to simulate the business start up; and (c) a set of practical principles for implementation. The guide will be composed of: the pedagogical model; the facilitation guide; and the role and rules gamebook.
The Social Seducement role play game will be designed as an internet-based serious RPG with a strong social and interactive connotation. The initial setting of the game will a square of a fictional city, where the players meet each other and decide to start up a business, overcoming their own respective fragilities and vulnerabilities.
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More information to come​​

Training pathway for the Social Seducement ORPG facilitators

Validation Report



The training pathway is a systematic and progressive process to define strategies for aligning and increasing the energy available to facilitate progress on complex problems, starting from the level of a new-comer to the field right through advanced levels of knowledge and skills.
The validation report will consist of the validation of the entire Social Seducement RPG model.  It will cover the internal testing, the facilitators’ training, and most of all the piloting.
More information to come​​
More information to come​​

Social SeducementRPG Model  Scale-up Handbook

European Network of the Social Seducement RPG facilitators



We will engage and train 40 facilitators to become Social Seducement game masters and will network them in a self-organising community of practitioners. 
The Handbook serves to ensure the adoption of the project model in the participating countries, as well as on a wider geographical scale, by making the project outputs usable and transferable.
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More information to come​​
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